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Configuration (deprecated)

DHCP Server

Domain Subnet Gateway

IP Reservations

A few reservations were setup to ensure certain interfaces get a static IP address assigned to make managing these machines/devices easier.

MAC Address Client Id IP Address Description
02:1c:83:7d:15:8e firewall PfSense firewall
02:1c:83:7d:15:8e pihole Pi-hole DNS
02:1c:83:7d:15:8e wireguarded wireguarded
b4:fb:e4:8f:f9:74 Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8
e0:d5:5e:63:fe:30 blackbox blackbox proxmox management
e0:d5:5e:63:fe:30 mini mini proxmox management
d0:a6:37:ed:8c:7f silverbook Dustin's MacBook Pro (wifi)
82:13:00:9c:c7:00 thunderbolt ethernet adapter
32:cc:fb:a3:1a:57 docked docker services

DNS Resolver

DNS overrides were setup to allow accessing some services directly across the LAN instead of going through the router.

Home Domain Address/Alias Description
No overrides are currently being used


Interface Protocol Destination Port(s)
WAN IPv4 TCP docked.hermz 80 (HTTP)
8080 (HTTP alternative)
443 (HTTPS)
8443 (HTTPS alternative)
WAN IPv4 TCP docked.hermz 2222 (SSH alternative)
WAN IPv4 TCP/UDP wireguarded.hermz 51820 (Wireguard)

Dynamic DNS

Interface Service Hostname
WAN Namecheap
WAN Namecheap *
WAN Namecheap
WAN Namecheap *
WAN Namecheap
WAN Namecheap *