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Initial Network Setup

Configure Interfaces

I need Internet access to download all the packages necessary so I setup DHCP on the WAN connection eth0.

Setting all the local network interfaces to `manual` and not providing any addresses prevents any accidental routing before everything is secured.

# /etc/network/interfaces
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
+   auto eth1
+     iface eth1 inet manual
+    auto eth1.8
+    iface eth1.8 inet manual
+            vlan-raw-device eth1
+    auto eth1.9
+    iface eth1.9 inet manual
+            vlan-raw-device eth1

Then I restart the networking service to apply the changes and create the new interfaces.

$ systemctl restart networking

Initial Security

I won't have SSH access allowed from the Internet when I am done but in the interim I want to install fail2ban. It doesn't hurt to have running even once the firewall is fully setup and provides just one more layer of defense.

$ apt install fail2ban