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Remote Access

Allowing remote access is just a matter of setting up a new Wireguard interface, allowing incoming traffic to that interface, and making sure the firewall allows that traffic to connect to the rest of the network.

Create Interface

# cd /etc/wireguard
# umask 077
# wg genkey | tee guard.key | wg pubkey >
# printf "[Interface]\PrivateKey = %s\n" `cat guard.key`

Then I modified my file to finish configuring the interface and allow a [Peer] for my laptop.

# /etc/wireguard/guard.conf
PrivateKey = ****
+ Address =, 2001:db8:2ebf:2::1/64
+ ListenPort = 51820
+ [Peer]
+ PublicKey = Iz5ceR0+tCN3BLTWehZxSplzdbABRT8geqifFxubHUA=
+ AllowedIPs =, 2001:db8:2ebf:1::4/128
+ PresharedKey = ***

Line 4: Sets an IPv4 and IPv6 address for this interface. These will be the servers IPs on each virtual subnet.

Line 5: Sets the port to listen to for this interface. It is just the default Wirgaurd port and I'll allow traffic through the firewall for it soon.

Line 7-10: Declare a peer, define the public key to use when communicating and validaing any connections, set what IPs the peer is allowed to use on each virtual subnet, and configure a pre-shared key for additional secuirty.

A preshard key can be generated by running wg genpsk and must be the same on both the [Peer] block on the server and the [Interface] block on the client.

Firewall Configuration

First I had to declare a new interface and since I want it to be as if I was sitting on my laptop at home, I put it in the lan zone.

# /etc/shorewall/interfaces
 wg	WGAZSE1_IF	tcpflags,nosmurfs,routefilter,logmartians,physical=wgazse1
+ lan	WGGUARD_IF	tcpflags,nosmurfs,routefilter,logmartians,physical=wgguard
# /etc/shorewall/interfaces
 wg	WGAZSE1_IF	tcpflags,nosmurfs,routefilter,logmartians,physical=wgazse1
+ lan	WGGUARD_IF	tcpflags,forward=1,physical=wgguard

For outside clients to connect I need to add a rule that allows them to connect to the firewall on port 51820.

# /etc/shorewall[6]/rules
+ ACCEPT          wan,lan         $FW             udp             51820

The last step is to once again setup masquerading so traffic from clients on the Wireguard subnet appear to be originating from the wgguard interface which is in the lan zone.

# /etc/shorewall/snat
# /etc/shorewall6/snat
+ MASQUERADE		fde9:2375:2ebf:2::/64	WAN_IF,LAN_IF,DMZ_IF